Thursday, May 29, 2008

Talk about having a ball of a time!

So this is how the story goes:
The Futsal courts at East Coast Park were our destination of choice this month. It was horrendously humid. Is it just us or has the weatherman been just a little over the top lately? We got to work grudgingly and not without much complaining. Hey, we never admitted to embracing the outdoors, and we’re not going to start now.

Glen kicked around a football most of the time to take his mind off the heat. We sorely wished we could join him. The styling part was easy, thanks to the many Adidas jerseys and shoes we could choose from. How very tempting.

Once decked out in football gear, our model Silk proceeded to blow our mind. She was amaaaazing. How she got to be so insanely flexible is beyond us. Did we mention she’s only 18? She could do all these poses while we looked on in a mix of awe and envy. Check out her splits and you’ll know what we mean. (Note to self: take up Yoga)

We decided to do something different this month. Our photographer got up a ladder and shot Silk while she lay below holding a football covering her boobs. We think it turned out rather well, don’t you?Silk was sweating throughout the shoot but managed to keep her cool. To make things better for the poor girl (and us), we moved to the beach to take the Lifestyle Cover shot.I do not know what possessed the photographer but he tried to do stunts with the Kia Rio that was loaned to us for the shoot. We weren’t ready to die, the iPhone isn’t in Singapore yet. We got out of that unscathed, but whether we managed to hold on to our lunches was a different thing...

- Akanksha Goel

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Nicholas said...

An editioral written like a roller coaster ride, giving the reader the feel for every straight line, curve and acceleration. We are witness to your pains, sufferings and desires. One can feel the heat, the sweat and even the sand as the sun painfully wieghs down on our protagonists, fighting all the odds to capture, on film, the magic of the moment.
Surely something to reflect back on when opening the cover of the next STUFF magazine