Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The iSixes!

We have hit the mid-year mark! Only 6 months more to end of the year bonuses and the Stuff Cool List. =D This calls for some celebratory champagne! (Actually, the whole mid year thing is just a ruse for some boozing. A pretty darn good one if you ask me.)

The actual reason to party is our partnership with what arguably is one of the most dynamic and fun filled events to grace our shores.

We are talking about the iSixes, a cricket competition to be held from 4th to 6th July at the Padang.

The Sixes is the shortest and most vibrant form of Cricket, with 6 players rather than the usual 11. Each match lasts only about 45 minutes. There is going to be non-stop entertainment and a carnival atmosphere ...and you can imagine how we stuffers are attracted to that like sugar attracts ants. We say, bring on! The event will comprise of an All-Star team with cricket stars like Anil Kumble, Heath Streak, Craig McMillan and Romesh Kaluwitharana coming to play. Shane Warne is also rumored to stopping by. Yes, we know it all!

There is also a prize fund of US$285,000 with the winning team taking home US$100,000 and the overall champions taking home a cool US$1 million!

Teams like Australia, India, the West Indies and our very own Singapore are pitting their skills against an All-Star team. All that action, taking place right here! We wouldn't miss it for the world if we were you!

The iSixes was postponed. We'll keep you updated on the situation as soon as we get the relevant information.

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