Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What do we have here....

Wine and a spanking new laptop. Not your orthodox partnership, but NEC made it work.

The spanking new laptop in question is the Intel powered NEC VERSA S9100. Barely tipping the scale at 1.25kg, it won't kill your arms if you have to travel a lot. What I like about it is its battery life, which is a noteworthy 6 hours. That's always handy to have. Power points can be rather elusive.

For those of you who like to treat your gadgets rough, you'll be pleased to know that the S9100 has a free-fall Hard Disk Sensor to protect the hard disk from drops or damage. No, that still will not justify you using it to bludgeon people in the street who insist that you take their survey when you clearly said "sorry, not interested." The laptop is far too light for that.

After the presentation on the s9100, George Wong, a wine speaker and educator thought us how to taste wine like an expert. Let's see now, what did I learn....I suppose it would be that wine makes you "happy, healthy and horny", or so he says. So if you ever have to use that excuse for getting wasted, only to have no one buy it, remember those were George Wong's words, not mine. I am simply relaying the message.

Oh and the NEC VERSA S9100 will be made available in all NEC authorized dealers.


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