Friday, November 16, 2007

Jargon Buster! Lesson No. 1

Good morning kids! Today you are going to learn the difference between a Firewall and a Firewire.

Firstly the firewall.

No I'm just kidding. THIS is how the firewall works.

Do you understand? No? Never mind. Let me show you a firewall router first.

Technically, a firewall is an internet security software thats helps shield a computer from malicious attack over the web. It controls the flow of data to and from your computer to stop the spread of viruses.

Meanwhile a firewire,

is on of the several names for IEEE 1394 high-speed data transfer standard that you could use, for example, to transfer video from a camcorder to computer. Comes in two speeds (400 and 800) that use different cables. USB 2.0 is more common. (for the meaning of USB, stay tuned)

While I am at it, I might as well show you how its done.

First, search for the above icon. It should be at the side or back of your laptop or computer above something that looks like this:

Then a wire that looks like this:

Goes into it. and the transfer begins. Pretty much idiot-proof.

Its not that difficult really, one controls the flow of data, another facilitates it. For a more comprehensible comparison, a firewall to a computer protecting it from a virus is like your girlfriend's father trying to protect her from all you no-good buggers. And a firewire, is like the Hotel 81. Thats all I'm saying.

Now whoever dares to insert a pun about Firefox gets lines to write. Class dismissed.

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