Tuesday, April 29, 2008

From Behind The STUFF Scene - May Edition

No, we are not all a bunch of greasy haired gadget geeks with an unhealthy penchant for wired metal objects. Most of us anyway. Just to let you in on how tough we are, we are going for macho this month. And nothing oozes masculinity than muscled, expletive spewing Harley Davidson riders, no?

And thus, we had the pleasure of dressing up our celebrity model Thy from Vietnam to get her into the Harley spirit. The preparations started in the morning when our stylist came in armed with boots, helmets and other biker paraphernalia.

We got Thy into a bikini top, bitty leather shorts and of course the mandatory boots. Right about 12 in the afternoon, after we were satisfied with her outfit, our Harley Rider came by in a big, bad, bike. We asked Thy to get on it. This was the part where she freaked out. But to her credit she got on none the less (The 'ouch' not counted)and rode through town. Yes, in the very same outfit. Quite a stir she caused too. I didn't think the human mouth could produce so much saliva until i saw some males practically watering the grass. Ah, the hazards of the job.

At this point I think it would be apt to add that the whole photo shoot was our photographer Nicholas's (sick) idea. Brilliant, yes, but mildly disturbing. He is affectionately called "Blackman" for a reason. But we won't go there, just yet. Even not so innocent minds need not be corrupted further. *cough*Hefollowed in a car and snapped away as she and her biker left the other motorists eating dust.

It turned out the Handle Bar was fantastic. It was right next to the Harley Davidson showroom and had all these biker types milling around, discussing engine oil and stuffing their faces. The decor was intuitive, with a whole lot of rear view mirrors making up one big mirror in the toilet. Even the flush was made from a truck bell. We ordered what was probably an unnecessarily large amount of food and beer, but in our defense, we needed the energy. Not to mention that it was so good. My stomach agrees very heartily.
For the shoot Thy had to go topless. That was OK though, no one seemed to mind. Would you? That was the good part. The not so good part was that the shoot started proper at 5pm and went all the way to 12am. We were all exhausted. But after looking at the shots we got, our exhaustion was worthwhile. At least, that's what we say to convince ourselves. Poor Thy wanted to go clubbing, but the fatigue got to her so she went to sleep instead. Ah well. Maybe next time.

- Akanksha Goel

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