Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"We'll be back soon."

Hear ye, hear ye. It's the day after the Apple Store was taken down for "routine maintenance" (or so they say. We Apple fanboys know better.)

As expected, the Macbook and Macbook Pro lines have been updated with faster CPUs, bigger hard drives and more RAM. The Macbook Pro has also taken a leaf out of the Macbook Air's book. To find out what it is, read on.

So what's hot? The Macbooks have received a speed boost across the board, with a 2.1GHz upgrade for the base model (from 2.0GHz) and a jump to 2.4GHz for the other two models (from the original 2.2GHz).

For the 2.1GHz model, the hard drive has been upgraded from 80GB to 120GB, while the 2.4GHz models now come with 160GB (White) and 250GB (Black) respectively. Other than this, the 2.4GHz models now come with a standard 2GB of RAM and can accommodate up to 4GB under the hood. Nice.

Students, here's a deal for you - the base model is now going for a mere $1548 (with GST).

What's not cool though, is the decision to make the Apple Remote an optional accessory - why, Apple, why?

The MacBook Pro has also received the requisite upgrades, and Apple has also thrown in the revolutionary Multi-Touch interface for good measure. First seen in the iPhone, and then the Macbook Air, Multi-Touch seems to be the way to go. (Shades of Minority Report, anyone?)

Tuesday has come and gone, and Apple has done it again. As for the guy who wrote in to us last October - the new Macbooks are definitely right up your alley. Time to upgrade! ;)


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