Friday, November 9, 2007

A New Mate in Town

i-mate has finally arrived in Singapore. Never heard of i-mate? Well, the company specialises in Windows Mobile hardware and software solutions and services. i-mate already has trading offices in Dubai, Australia, Italy, UK, South Africa and the USA. They are now looking into Asia and has chosen Singapore as its regional base.

I attended their launch at the Scarlet hotel on Wednesday. It's a nice, cozy place. Jim Morrison, founder and CEO of i-mate, kick-started the event. He gave us a quick overview of what i-mate was about and ran through the functions of the six devices that will be out in the market come December. All this was done in his Scottish accent and I might not have caught everything he said... but don't worry, I didn't miss much.

The main highlight of the four Ulitmate devices from i-mate, namely the Ultimate 6150, Ultimate 8150, Ultimate 8502 and Ultimate 9502, is definitely the 24/7 x 365 day support that i-mate provides. The support includes live support online, software updates, innovative downloadable applications, etc.

The Ultimate 6150 on the left, and the Ultimate 8150 in the picture below

You can customise and configure your Ultimate device using i-mate's straightforward Web interface. And the cool thing is the security that i-mate offers. If you lose your phone, you can lock down your device or wipe out any personal data in your device. Once the device is locked or "wiped", the phone cannot be accessed even if the sim card is changed. So all you potential handphone thieves out there, if you see an Ultimate device, don't waste your effort.

Here's the Ultimate 8502 on the left and the Ultimate 9502 below

If you are looking for something basic, the JAMA devices (JAMA 101 and JAMA 201), are the ideal entry level Windows Mobile 6 software powered solution.

Try out i-mate's devices and give the new mate in town a chance. You're sure to get their 24/7 x 365 day support!

- Kevin Kon a.k.a The Tech Fan

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