Monday, November 12, 2007

Check DAT out

As technology advances, we get to see cooler and cooler gadgets. However, some of the coolest gadgets and technologies haven't entered the market yet. These are usually still in labs, hidden from the outside world...

From the labs of ARS Electronica, the Singapore Science Centre presents the Digital Art & Technology Exhibition (DAT). The exhibition showcases artwork by people from different countries. Now these works are not just your everyday artwork. All of them have a foundation of relatively advanced technology. And the interactivity that the showcased works offer is brilliantly thought out.

I hadn't been to the Singapore Science Centre since I was in primary school. And I felt like a kid again interacting with the exhibits. The exhibits engage your senses and help you to experience a new aspect of technology. Many of the exhibits hint at the potential of new gadgets and products.

One of the exhibits, the Diorama Table, uses everyday household items to bring out a virtual environment. If you move the cup to another location on the table, you'll find a virtual image of a cat under the cup. And the cat will head towards the displaced cup. And if you join the ends of the shoelaces, a virtual pond will appear along with a few ducks. I like the way it is interactive as well as creative.

If you're thinking of a good place to go to during the holidays, the DAT is definitely a good option. Go find out for yourselves the wonders of art and technology combined.

DAT will open its doors from 10 November 2007 to 1 January 2008. So don't miss out.

- The Tech Fan

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