Wednesday, November 7, 2007

NEC Powermate P5000

Welcome to the recollection of my first launch event. Held at the Gallery hotel. Posh. I'm impressed, I mean it IS my first time.

During the presentation, most of the technical terms eluded me and the speaker's strong accent did not help. My mind was almost drifting off towards the idea of dinner till they showed the NEC Powermate P5000. it made me sit up. This PC could really give iMac a run for their money.

Look at it.

No, they did not forget to photograph the CPU. Thats all of it right there. Wow.

PowerMate P5000 is the latest concept PC by NEC and has won a Good Design Award. Combining both the performance of a PC and the mobility and design of the notebook, the P5000 is very portable. It even comes with a handle at the top of the monitor to make carrying it from room to room easier. And do not worry about the disc drive, its right there at the side of the monitor. And note the delightful lack of wires. No more losing your temper over trying to disentangle masses of copper strings encased in rubber. Oh no.

Unlike most notebooks, this one dissipates heat from the top, that makes sure the hot air is quickly expelled and chances of overheating is reduced to almost zilch. It also runs very quietly without the annoying buzzing sound most computers make while trying to run something.
Its almost enough to make me dump my MacBook. ALMOST. All I need now is sufficient funds to buy it. But for those techies who are so hard to please, check out their built in 13-in- 1 card reader.
You like that don't you. Geek.
And ever wished to come home to something that lights up at the sight of you, and greets you everytime you come home? You don't need a pet, those are for losers. Just get the P5000 along with the NEC Guard Facial Recognition programme. This Programme recognises your face and switches on after it recognises you. You will feel loved, I guarantee.

POWERMATE P5000 is retailing at S$2,299 at all BEST DENKI stores.
by Regina Leong

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