Tuesday, November 6, 2007

HTC's New Touch

HTC launched its first 3.5G Touch in Singapore today. After the success of the HTC Touch, a follow-up was inevitable. Introducing the new member of the Touch family… the HTC Touch Dual!

The TouchFLO-enhanced smartphone boasts high speed 3G/HSDPA connectivity. In addition to that, it features an innovative slide out keypad that manages to squeeze a full QWERTY set – Alt, Enter, Space, Del and all – onto just 20 keys. So now, you can touch as well as type.

I was fortunate to have been able to play around with the phone. The phone was simple to use and yet could do so much. The improved TouchFLO makes the scrolling and browsing of web pages, documents, messages and contact lists so convenient.

The TouchFLO also has a new functionality that includes the ability to view photo slideshows using on-screen controls. It was so amazing that I could zoom and rotate images with just one finger.

The HTC Touch Dual will be available from the end of November. And with Christmas round the corner, the Touch Dual might just be the present that touches your loved ones. Oh, and before I forget to mention...we knew about this fantabulous phone before anybosy else..and our hot December cover model loved it too! This December we're bringing sexy back...and it's not only because of the HTC dual!

- Kevin Kon a.k.a The Tech Fan

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Dani said...

Nice phone... how i wish i have one !! =\

how bout a lucky draw to give this really cool phone to the subscribers !! =p