Monday, November 5, 2007

November Issue Ahoy!

The November Issue is hitting the stands soon..and here's a little teaser. We asked you who you wanted on the cover - you told us - and we did just as you said !
Like it or not..let us know!

- The Gadget Girl


faded_white said...


in the november there's news on iphone coming at the end of 2007... how sure are you guys? can i start rejoicing!?

STUFF Magazine said...

Hello Mr White. Alas, the question of the iPhone - we like to be optimistic - and it's our little 'pressure tactic' on apple. But we'll keep you posted.
Having said that though..ahem..we all got our fellow stuffers in the states to carry back a duffle bag filled with some. Its our version of the santa sack.

faded_white said...

so... that means it's not really gonna be due end 2007?