Monday, November 12, 2007

The New ASUS Trio

Christmas is just round the corner and ASUS have brought us three new notebooks. They are the ASUS F8P, the ASUS U3 and the ASUS U6 notebook series.

ASUS F8P Notebook:

Available in Amazing White and Galaxy Black, the F8P offers everything that the ASUS Leather Series carries in a whole new way. The unique LCD cover with half leather and half painted surfaces is a bold statement of contrast yet the softness and the sturdiness complements each other to create a new computing style. In addition to the tactile enjoyment, the F8P also adopts the unique bamboo hinge that's with integrated power button on the side, offering ergonomic operating convenience.

ASUS U3S Notebook:

The beauty of the notebook is complimented with its simple and clean lines. The stainless contour gives the notebook as structured appearance with sturdiness. To enhance the overall high mobility design of the U3 while keeping all parts well-protected, magnesium-aluminum alloy is used for the LCD cover of the notebook for 4H hardness for enhanced screen protection.

ASUS U6S Notebook:

The U6S' mocha brown high-shine cover, Voile, made by a 13-step process shines with underlying shimmering fibers gets its name from the equally delicate luminous fabric. The elegant white U6E with piano painting finish stands out with equal flair. The leather bound palm rest adds a softness that personalizes with a tactile computing experience. The streamlined hinge bears hotkeys with exquisite detailing that are ergonomically placed for easy access and minimum distraction.

So keep these notebooks in mind when you're shopping for Christmas presents. The presents don't necessarily have to only be for others... Treat yourself to a nice present too!

- The Tech Fan

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