Monday, November 12, 2007

Bring out the real geek in you - In absolute Style !

The world of gadgets can be a confusing and frightening place. Ask us, we're real warriors, to have survived it all. Nah. Fine, i just like boasting. Over the months we've gotten our heads around all the unfathomable acronyms and inexplicable combinations of vowels and the consonants that pounce from catalogues like angry kitten, demanding our attention without us having the faintest idea why they want it.

We give you the power to beat those kittens down. We've provided explanations for all of the most important tech jargon, lining related terms to let you form an impenetrable web of gadget understanding in our magazine every month. Well, on our blog, we plan to give you that as well - for those of you who hate to pay for knowledge. Every week we'll give you something that you can use as a pocket reference or simply to impress/terminally bore others with your knowledge of gadget miscellany.

Hold your breadth. Behold. I unleash my knowledge upon you. Are you ready?

Akanksha Goel.

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