Friday, September 28, 2007

Sony has done it again

Ever the innovative company, Sony has announced the arrival of a new member into its XDCAM family of camcorders- the PMW-EX1.

“By combining sophisticated HD technologies with the extraordinary convenience of card media, the PMW-EX1 is the first professional HD camcorder to record onto a memory-based ExpressCard that is specifically engineered to deliver workflow innovations,” said Yasushi Yamamoto, the General Manager of the Marketing and Engineering Division Broadcast and Professional Pacific Asia Company.

Sounds great. But what else does this gizmo offer that separates it from the rest of the pack? Well, we were amazed to learn that it merits a long list of special features. And when we say long, we do mean long.

Stuff was recently invited to fiddle with Sony’s precious new baby at their very private launch and boy, did the camcorder deliver. We were awed by the camcorder’s variable frame rate function, Slow & Quick Motion Function, Fujinon 14x zoom lens, comact yet lightweight body and lastly, highly flexible operational features. Another bonus was the release of a new SxS PRO Memory Card to perfectly complement this wonderful new gadget. * Gasp! Let us catch our breath first! *

The list just goes on and if you are looking for a good camcorder, you’ll probably have difficulty finding one superior to this. Just get it, and we guarantee you will have no regrets when you discover the remaining special features.

Oh by the way, there was a rather pretty model there as well.

- Derric Eng

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Rob said...

The EX1 is a fantastic camera. But, it is hard to hand hold for any amount of time. I came across this shoulder brace from Studio 1 Productions that is made for the EX1.

It's awesome, it really make a difference. If you have an EX1 you need it, it's great.