Thursday, September 13, 2007

Olympus makes a splash

Look out! Olympus looks set to conquer the watery realm, thanks to its latest and hottest product- the Mju 790SW.

Recently, Olympus was down at Wild Wild Wet to share some fun with the public. The Mju 790SW certainly made a big splash as Olympus organised a photo-taking competition to flaunt its camera. Contestants were treated to the privilege of playing with this latest toy. All they had to do was loan one from Olympus' booth and capture the best picture possible according to the theme of the day, without having to shell out a single cent. As if the fun wasn't enough, the winner at the end of each day, with the best photo of course, got to walk away with a brand new Mju 790SW of their own. How cool is that!

Now just what makes this camera so special then? Let's see... Well, first of all, it combines steel with a touch of silk. Its tough body provides great protection for the delicate technology that brings users an impressive 7.1 megapixel picture. Not convinced? Take a look at this: its exterior is waterproof to 3m, immune to shocks up to 1.5 m and lastly, even freezeproof to -10 degree celcius. Come on honestly, admit it. You have to be impressed. It's not very often you get to take photos deep in freezing cold water.

And did we mention that its stylish metal housing comes in five different colours as well? Ok that may not be the main point of what the Mju 790SW is about but hey, it's nice to have some variety as well. Yes, you do actually feel like getting one now. So go ahead, capture the world on the Mju 790SW. Don't forget about the underwater world as well!

- Derric Eng

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