Saturday, October 13, 2007

Stuff October Hits the stands with a Bang !

Ever since the latest Stuff hit the stands we've been getting many many emails from readers and the hits to this little blog of ours has made us say "woah!" we solemnly promise to keep it updated. Last month was a crazy one! Everything was new and we wanted to create only the best for you...and we've done it! You know what i mean, if you've gotten your hands on the latest Stuff. It's your monthly doze of all the exciting features you can expect, here's a sneak peak at the cover and the inside stuff:

• Tech Workout: six ways to lose calories in a geeky way.
• Stuff Staff Picks: Check out what the gadget guru’s claim in hot this month.
• Big laptops: Powerful, desktop-matching laptops tested
• Instant Expert: Kite surfing. A bluffer’s guide to this growing water sport, with a few tips from the three time world champion, Aaron Hadlow.
• Versus: iPod shuffle vs. Creative Zen Stone Plus. Both tiny, both stylish, but which one offers better value for money?
• Behind the Toy: Exclusive interview with the VP of RIM to find out about the latest Blackberry in town.
• Super test: Digital SLR’s – which one is the best combination of form factor, Image quality and features?

And how could we forget, we give you the TOP 10 of everything you’ll ever need, we always do, don’t we.

We've started work on the November Issue - and we have a surprise for you on the cover. Infact, in my next post i might just give you the inside scoop on that (with some sexy pictures!) hold your breath....

--> Yours Truly,
The Gadget Girl

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