Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Games Galore!

Approximately 70,000 gaming fanatics from all over the Asia-Pacific region swarmed to Suntec Convention Centre last weekend for the Games Convention Asia- not too bad an amount for an event being held for the very first time, is it?

Powerhouses such as Electronic Arts, Sony, Nokia and Nintendo took the opportunity to flex their muscles and show off some of their hottest and latest wares. The result: understandably ecstatic gaming nerds. More than an impressive 196 games were on show, including some spanking new ones yet to be released in the market. Most also couldn't resist landing their hands on the new, drool-inducing game consoles being shown off there as well, such as the very sleek Playstation 3. Just ask any of the number happily lugging home their fresh, precious gaming machines purchased at special prices offered exclusively there.

The show wasn't all just about gaming, gaming and more gaming though. Sure there were two major gaming tournaments going on as well as the maiden appearance of the swanky Nintendo Wii, but who wouldn't notice the booth babes and cosplayers (Japanese animation fans who dress up as their favourite characters)? They certainly caught a lot of attention, but they too faced stiff competition coming from a particular BMW sedan flaunting its powerful presence in front of the Nokia booth to to promote an N-gage racing game.Not to be outdone, AsiaSoft made full use of their large stage to host teasing contests and rock band performances.

If you missed all the fun and games at this cyberspace fair, don't fret because there is next year's edition to look forward to. The Games Convention Asia will be back at the Suntec Covention Centre from October 9 to 12 2008 and we hope it will be even bigger and better than ever.

- Derric Eng

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