Friday, September 7, 2007

It's a Rather Sharp View - from where we see it!

We went, we saw and yes sir, we were impressed. In a cozy suntec meeting room last evening, sharp revealed what we’d all heard about and been waiting for - their new range of LCD Tv’s. They’re first to have a 100 Hz Full-HD LCD va voom…and if you don’t know what that means, well you’re not the first J All you need to know is that if you fancy a piece of sharp flat screen action, THIS one’s for you.

And for those of you who want in on the action, lets get slightly technical. Because of Singapore's state of transition in HDTV implementation, TV buyers have long had to choose between two very crucial features:
1. Full-HD Panel - a definite concern since we all want our TVs to be future-proof by the time High-Definition becomes the standard; and
2. Flicker-free viewing - every Full-HD TV in the market today comes at 50Hz, and this is annoying because of the flickering effect that we experience when we watch analogue channels.
The good news is that Sharp is delivering the first Full-HD Panel LCD TV that comes at 100 Hz - allowing us earthlings to enjoy both Full-HD qualities and the best in analogue TV experience.

Still stuck in the LCD vs Plasma battle? Well, the verdict is that the LCD is gradually winning the battle, although its costing manufacturers a mint to implement. Prices for both types of flat screen are plummeting, so shop around for the best deal and the way we see it, be sharp about it!

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