Monday, July 7, 2008

Simply Magical....!

Watch as our Stuff Singapore Cover Girl, Magic Babe "Ning", blows our mind with her stunts!


Angela said...

Coolios!! Is she going to be on STUFF ?? I'm gonna grab a copy! She's like SG's female criss angel or sumthing..

Clifford said...

She is the Cover Girl of Stuff this July.....prior before that She was Stuff's Sizzling Singaporean last June.....:)

Bang Hao said...

I went to watch her performance last sat. It is fantastic!! The atmosphere was really tensed and my heart nearly pop out for her. She is really hot!

Aaron said...

wahoo! so close!!

JayVi said...

AHHH! I couldn't find the magazine ANYWHERE when I was in Singapore!!
does anyone know when it will be off the shelves? i come back in mid-August!
I've been desperately searching the net for a few hours now trying to find a way to buy it online!
Also the I-weekly that came out on my birthday (July 10) has her in it! someone please help me!!

Vanessa said...

Hey Jayvi,

We can keep one copy of the July issue for you. Just come on down to our office in 3C Stanley Street when you're in town and we'll be happy to give it to you. =)