Friday, January 11, 2008

Jargon Buster! Lesson No. 9

TGIF! Thank Goodness It's Friday! The weekend is only an inch away. But before you hit the beach or laze on your sofa, let's have one more jargon lesson. Here's some stuff for you to reflect on during your weekend. And when you hit the gadget shops, you can show off your new found knowledge.

EV (Exposure Value)
Alter the EV on a camera to brighten or darken a photograph. Used to compensate for difficult lighting - shooting snowy scenes, say, you'll want to up the EV a little.

A type of hardware interface used in modern laptops. ExpressCard, like the earlier PC Card, allows the connection of peripherals and, thanks to its extra bandwidth, supports powerful devices such as external graphic cards.

Flash memory
A non-volatile digital storage medium often found in PMPs and memory cards that uses non-moving, solid state chips rather than a spinning disk. It's more reliable than an HDD but much more expensive in large capacities.

iPod nano
Still one of the sexiest flash MP3 players, the second-generation nano addresses all the weaknesses of its predecessor.

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Can check with u about the photos taken by Mr Kelvin's camera at the last December Sitex?

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