Thursday, November 22, 2007


Our December issue has finally gone to print. I swear, it made us so high strung it wasn't even funny anymore.

BUT. Hard work has paid off and check this out:

(click the picture for a larger image)

Reasons why you should just totally get this issue:

  1. Our once a year only COOL LIST. We pick ten of coolest products to come out this year for you so you don't need to trawl through Funan or the seedy Sim Lim to find them yourself.
  2. Our Cameraphone feature. Tells you what to get when you want to carry one less bulky item when you're out on a special outing. YES I KNOW. Its Hannah Lau. But please read the articles too.
  3. And lastly, our monthly HOT 5. New products like the HTC Touch Dual will blow your mind.
Take a good LOOOONG look at the cover picture. Rememeber it and get it when it hits the stands.


faded_white said...

any news of the locally-available iphone?

Akanksha said...

Apple says its coming out in asia in the first quater of next year - It will be in India in two months time - How far back can we be ;)

faded_white said...

really? in india in 2 months? i've never heard of that news? where did you source that info from?

STUFF Magazine said...

There are no official announcements, but unofficial sources from both Vodafone and Reliance Mobile are talking about getting some units in a 2 month timeframe.

faded_white said...

cool :)